DIY hat corsage


I love hats. Most women do.

Most women have one or two in their wardrobe that make the occasional appearance.

Summer is prime hat wearing season and I think it’s much nicer to reach for a pretty sunhat than an old baseball cap – they serve the same purpose but get the job done with vastly different style.

Investment wise, always try to opt for a fine woven straw if you can. There are a lot of paper straw hats out on the market that are really lovely but keep in mind they won’t stand up to moisture or packing for a trip – so choose wisely. Try on as many styles as you can to find what you like best – and if this is your first hat investment I would encourage you to stick to a solid basic like natural, ivory or black.

You can change up the look with a silk scarf, ribbon or flowers easily and it will go with so much more in your wardrobe.


Today’s little DIY is about giving your straw some personal flair – by adding ribbon, millinery flowers or as in this case, fresh flowers.

I start with my vintage woven straw sunhat (I found this one recently at a vintage market in California – it was pretty fun carrying it on my flight home, a real conversation starter) and decide if you want the brim pinned up or left down. If left down, I would be adding my flowers to be base of the crown. As I have decided to pin the brim up – I will make a “corsage” and use it to keep the brim in place.

You will need:

  •  fresh or silk flower
  • ribbon or florist tape (available at Michaels or most craft shops)
  • corsage pin (basically a giant pin) or you could sew your silk flowers to the hat temporarily with a couple of stitches
  • ribbon
  1. Pick the fresh flowers you want in your “corsage” – as I want this to have a soft, romantic vibe to go with the outfit I have in mind, I have opted for a white rose, greens and lavender from the garden.
  2. Play around with your little bouquet till you like what you see – remember that you will be laying it against the hat so it needs to have a ‘flat’ side.IMG_0152
  3. Florist tape becomes ‘sticky’ when you pull on it – so give it a tug to get it activated and then when you like what you have created you want to secure the blooms together.IMG_0154
  4. Simply wrap a couple times with the tape and tear to secure. Remember to pull on the tape slightly to make it tacky and it will stick to itself. It comes in green or brown – I decide to have it show a bit, so I went with brown.IMG_0159 
  5. Now pin it to your hat! I like the pearl end of the pin to show so I pinned it thru the front but you could easily use a plain pin and hide it inside the hat. I go thru the straw and into the florist tape wrapped bit to secure, then back thru the straw on the other side.IMG_0161
  6. With faux flowers you can sometimes find the kind that come with a pin already attached and you just play with placement. If you would like to stitch them on for a slightly more permanent look – use a thread colour that will disappear into the arrangement. It won’t matter that you can see the green thread stitches on the inside of the hat – that will make it easier to pick out later when you want to change it up. More important to not have the stitches show on the floral arrangement!
  7. Consider adding a bit of ribbon in a pretty knot or bow to your hat “bouquet” for another look. Or simply tie the ribbon to the crown of your hat. Leaving the tails long gives a much different vibe than tying a bow – so play around and see what feels right.
  • Jamie

    This is gorgeous! I’m sharing on my FB page today. So happy to have met you! I must come in and check out your new Commercial Dr store soon.
    Hugs, Jamie