heart on my sleeve tutorial

heart felting 6

Ever get your winter sweaters out of storage only to find they have suffered a moth attack? yeah. me too. Instead of throwing out my cashmere hoodie, I decided to make the best of it and use a little trick I learned along the way. Needle Felting. Wool fibres fuse to each other with friction and this is a great way to “hide” those moth attacks or just add a bit of whimsy to a plain sweater.

What you need:

– 100% wool or cashmere sweater (it won’t work with acrylic or cotton – only wool, friends)

– a felting needle (available at your local yarn shop or Michaels)

– thick sponge, foam or felting brush (to back the sweater as you needle felt (also available at yarn shop, Michaels or your kitchen)

– wool roving (available at your local yarn shop and can be found in a braid or ball)

that’s it.

Okay, let’s do this!

heart felting

Needle I am using is an actual Needle Felting Tool (costs a bit more but worth it) otherwise the single felting needle works great too.

As I have a moth hole on the sleeve, I thought I would do a whimsical play on the situation by creating a heart shape for that “heart on my sleeve” look.

I amuse myself.

heart felting 1

Place the hole you are working on over the foam (make sure it’s just the ONE layer otherwise you end up fusing your sleeve together) and pull off a small piece of wool roving from the roving braid. Place this puff of wool over the moth hole and with your needle going in a straight up and down motion, begin to attach the roving to your sweater.

heart felting 5

heart felting 2

As you work the needle up and down, keep checking on your shape. I had to add a bit more of the roving to get the rounded tops of the heart shape I wanted.

heart felting 4

Keep felting your shape till you like what you see. That’s it. Easy peasy and I have my beloved sweater back, just “new and improved”.

You will notice a difference in texture from the wool roving to your knit sweater – especially if you are working on a cashmere, but that is just the nature of the felting versus knit. You are going for a cute highlight or detail here – not matching your original sweater. Think of using simple shapes or lines for the best effect and you don’t have to stay on just the moth holes – sprinkle those hearts, or dots, or what have you around for an over all effect.

heart felting 7

Basically, just have fun, experiment and enjoy your beloved sweater again!